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What Makes a Good Teacher?

Following primary and secondary school, undergraduate education, graduate study, and more than 20 years as a university faculty member, you might think I could provide a simple answer to the question “What makes a good teacher?” A sequence of physics courses during my sophomore year at Swarthmore illustrates the problem. By the end of that [...]

Thanks, Kyle

The Bulletin’s coverage of Swarthmore’s adoption of the Phoenix as the College mascot (“Swarthmore Hatches a Big Red Bird,” July 2008) was enjoyable to read, yet one important fact was missing: Kyle White ’08, mentioned briefly in the article as an emcee of the competition to pick a person to wear the costume, was the [...]

Privileged to Express Our Opinions

When he writes of Ted Nelson’s [’59] singing on the porch of Parrish Hall as an act of daring (“Our Own Mario Savio, ” Letters, July Bulletin), I think that my friend Peter Gessner ’61 is misrepresenting the culture of the College in the late 1950s. Yes, “The Rules” seemed onerous to us and were [...]

A Different Perspective

A letter from Jim Weber ’84 in the July Bulletin expressed his opinion about President Alfred H. Bloom’s role in the elimination of the football program. I have a somewhat different perspective.
From 1982 to 1989, I was a member of the Board of Managers, serving as chair of the audit committee, vice chair of finance, [...]

Letters Policy

The Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor addressing topics covered in the magazine or issues relating to the College. There is no guarantee that all letters received will be published. Some letters may be published on only the Bulletin Web site, especially if there are numerous letters addressing a single topic. The suggested maximum length [...]