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Pass the SALT—more lit. lore

Something is missing from the dusty archives of Swarthmore’s alternative publications. Eli Epstein-Deutsch’s story in the April 2012 Bulletin reviewed many “earnest and edgy” magazines, but one short-lived experiment from the 1970s escaped notice. SALT appeared on campus only twice but seems noteworthy for its dedication to strengthening the College through investigative journalism.
The first issue [...]

Barr Interview Stirs Reflections

The January interview with Bob Barr led me to reflect on interactions at Swarthmore that proved to be pivotal in my life. The first was with Gilmore Stott, who asked in my admissions interview, “So what books have you been reading lately?” This question and the ensuing discussion led as much as anything to my [...]

Article on Engineering/Ceramics Student Resonated

I enjoyed the April issue of the Bulletin more than usual. It may be because the cover article is about an engineering student who does ceramics. I was that guy in 1963. I learned pottery from other students at Swarthmore but never took a course in it. I still do ceramics and have a wheel, [...]

African sojourn Moves Many

Congratulations to my classmate Clinton Etheridge and to the editorial staff of the magazine on a very moving article about his family’s recent visit to West Africa and the photos of his Peace Corps days over there.
In the late 1960s, I had the opportunity to spend three months in Cote d’Ivoire on a student-exchange program [...]