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Additional Pieces in the Health-Care Puzzle

I am an obstetrician-gynecologist who is completing his 33rd year with what I consider to be the best health-care organization in the country, Kaiser-Permanente. From our beginning we have provided prepaid health care to our members and still do today. I am responding to the article “A Healthy Decision?” in your October issue. There is [...]

When The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good

The political theme running through the October Bulletin made this issue particularly interesting. Once again, I have occasion to marvel at how intelligent people, some with impressive academic qualifications and professional affiliations, can hold opposite views on fundamental issues of public policy. Take the role of government in the economy: Diana Furchtgott-Roth ’79 noted that “… [...]

A Break from the Liberal Agenda

In the October Bulletin, it shocked me a bit to see a Swarthmore student writing an article in support of Romney. Danielle Charette ’14 wrote very eloquently about the conservative cause and put it in a Swarthmore context. Her debating opponent, Carmen Smith-Estrada ’14, also did a good job of defending Obama in terms of his [...]

Lively Mix of Ideas Expressed in October Articles

Just a note to say how much I am enjoying the October issue of the Bulletin. The public policy theme is exciting, well handled, and very important in one of the most critical election years I can remember. As a local political volunteer I am immersed in the weeds of grassroots campaigning. It is refreshing [...]