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“Inconvenient Obstacles” Can Push Back Too

Thank you for including the historic Dennis Farm in the thought-provoking October Swarthmore College Bulletin (“Rock and an Old Place”). When I was a student at the College, we talked a great deal about “consciousness raising” and now the Bulletin has helped raise the readers’ consciousness about urgent environmental justice issues. The environment is indeed [...]

Don't Forget Climate Change

I was pleased that there were three articles about justice and the environment in the October 2010 Bulletin. Peter Slavin’s “Activist on Coal River” and David Pacchioli’s “Rock and an Old Place” are vivid documents of people struggling with relentless fuel extraction.
Ian Barbour’s “Justice, Technology and the Environment” wrestles with global environmental justice with a [...]

Another View of Darfur

I am writing in regard to the October 2009 Bulletin cover article, “In the Face of Genocide.” While I admire Mark Hanis’s [’05] hard work, dedication to human rights, and entrepreneurial spirit, the article—along with such organizations as Save Darfur and GI-Net, which have recently merged—raises some controversial issues. Let me begin with some facts.
In [...]

Class Notes Photo

Hedi Schmid Randall ’53 says she was quite surprised when she turned to the opening page of the October Class Notes and saw a photo of a very young Charlie Randall ’51—then her fiancé, now her husband—and his roommate, the late Charlie Jeanne ’52, engaged in a tug-of-war along the Crum Creek. Burt Levering ’51 [...]

For the Record

The sister of the late Elizabeth “Sis” Bassett, Kathryn Bassett, was misidentified as “Kate” (“Collection,” October 2010 Bulletin). Kathryn “Kay” Bassett ’35 passed away in 1986. Both sisters were longtime members of the College staff.