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Tours Offer Gustatory and Wildlife Adventures

The Idyllic Islands and Majestic Shores of Croatia & Montenegro

June 26–July 4

With Chef Giuliano Hazan ’81 and Professor of Political Science Carol NackenoffCroatia.jpg

Join alumni and friends for a voyage to Croatia and Montenegro that combines the cultural and the culinary. Explore great cities such as Dubrovnik, Croatia, where there’s an architectural masterpiece on every street corner. Dine in local restaurants and visit vineyards to savor the food and wine that Croatians love. Just as gourmets pair the right wine with each course of a meal, we’ve paired wonderful cultural sites with the great culinary regions of Croatia. Guiding us on this adventure is Chef Giuliano Hazan ’81. He will also lead a shipboard cooking demonstration and accompany the group through bountiful local markets, as we sample wines in the villages where grapes are grown and sample delicacies in local restaurants. Besides the gastronomy, we’ll enjoy expert speakers on the Adriatic coast. Carol Nackenoff will enrich our understanding of these new democracies.

Galápagos: In the Footsteps of Evolution

Oct. 11–20

With Professor of Biology Rachel Merz


Discover a landscape of craters, cones, rock formations, lava fields, and its inhabitants—iguanas, birds, sea lions, crabs, tortoises and penguins. Voyage to the Galápagos Islands, made legendary by Charles Darwin’svisit aboard the HMS Beagle. His zoological and geological discoveries formed the basis of his theories on evolution and will form the basis of a wildlife adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced. Travel with Rachel Merz, alumni, and friends on this special adventure, as our motorized yacht drops anchor at different islands each day. Hike, snorkel, and swim in the midst of some of our planet’s most captivating wildlife, as we explore the history, biology, and wildlife of the Galapagos.

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