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David Plante ’00

David Plante ’00 was awarded a Mentored Career Development Award from the National Institute of MentalDavid_Plante.jpg Health (NIMH) last year. The five-year grant providing salary and research funding will aid Plante in his research on hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness) in major depressive disorder, using high-density electroencephalography. The NIMH grant comes on the heels of three other major awards for Plante. Last year he also received The American Sleep Medicine Foundation Junior Faculty Award, which provides research training to young faculty members pursuing careers as physician scientists in sleep medicine; the Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award for research excellence in the field of sleep and circadian rhythms; as well as the NARSAD Young Investigator Award from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. Plante attended medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, completed a residency in psychiatry at Massachusetts General and McLean hospitals, a fellowship in sleep medicine at Brigham and Women’s hospital, and is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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