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Article’s Animal-Fur Orientation was Disconcerting

It was with great chagrin that I read the January issue of the Bulletin containing the article about Joseph Altuzarra ’05—not because I think the Bulletin, or Swatties, should not be interested in fashion; I am, and I happily admit it. However, it was quite disconcerting to read about Altuzzara’s seemingly heavy reliance on animal fur, mentioned three times in the text, including the disturbing and somewhat cannibalistic image of his dog wearing a fox-fur parka. I would think that the Bulletin would avoid glorifying the ethically questionable practice of fur farming. Additionally, it was unnecessary to mention that the price of a coat was $20,000. I can’t imagine that price would be an issue in discussing the work of most other alumni and is certainly not an indicator of quality or aesthetic excellence even in the world of fashion.

Amita Sudhir ’98
Charlottesville, Va.

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