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How well do you know your alma mater? Give this the ol’ College try!

1. What happened at 11 p.m. Sept. 25, 1881?

2. In 1903, the Library Club had four rules. What were they?

3. The song “Swarthmore Spirit,” written by Jackson Taylor Jr., Class of 1902, with music by Iva A. Appleby, Class of 1913, is in what key?

4. “Your College education is incomplete without good reading.” What is this 1912 ad suggesting students to peruse? 

5. What famous actor, who first appeared in silent films, judged the “Best Portrait of Swarthmore Girl” in the 1930s?

Answer Key

1. A loud explosion occurred at Parrish Hall, and flames shot out of the west side of the dome. When fire companies from Philadelphia arrived about 4 a.m., the building was a mass of smoldering ruins. The College moved all of the residents and classes to Media.

2. The 1903 Library Club rules were: 

 I. From 8-1 and 2-4 the library shall be reserved for the exclusive use of the library members.

II. Every member must report there for business communication at least once a day and oftener if necessary.

III. No disturbance allowed. Business must be carried on by note or in whispers.

IV. No two people allowed to use more than one book at a time.

3. The key of F. The music is in the 1912 Halcyon.

4. The Phoenix. It was $1 a year in 1912. 

5. Richard Arlen, who was in the first film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, Wings. According to a letter from March 4, 1934, in the 1935 Halcyon, Elizabeth Hodges ’35 won. Arlen’s wife judged “Best Portrait of Swarthmore Boy”; that honor went to Courtland Perkins ’35, H’77.