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Dead Authors’ Society

Interested in brushing up on your Latin this summer by reading medieval texts full of action, adventure, and theology? 


Join “Medieval Latin (Summer 2016): St. Patrick,” the fourth annual free online course offered by Classics Professor William Turpin and Jen Faulkner of East Longmeadow High School with the expert help of medievalists Bruce Venarde ’84 and Carin Ruff ’87. Past “students” include undergrads, parents, and alumni, as well as others from around the world. 

There are no grades and no judgments. Edited texts, with extensive grammatical and vocabulary help, are posted on the website and should be relatively easy to read by anyone with a year of college or high school Latin, no matter how rusty.

Once a week for an hour and a half, participants will meet online to read aloud, translate, and discuss the readings via Google Hangouts or Zoom. Or you can audit (and post questions) in real time or with archived sessions on YouTube. 

“I love working with people returning to Latin from all walks in life,” Turpin says. “So much of our reading is often solitary, which is no doubt as it should be, but reading along with others can be a wonderful change.” 

Class begins Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m. EDT.