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Spotlight on … Joel Price ’00

Joel Price ’00, a mandolinist/violinist and Swarthmore’s technology education coordinator, recorded an album and toured the East Coast with Eli Conley, and joined a new Philly-based band called Open Hand in 2017—while celebrating a year of being cancer-free.

What do you love most about what you do?

I most enjoy working with the wonderful variety of people at Swarthmore. It's my job to connect people with other people or technologies to make their Swarthmore life easier. Trying to anticipate a variety of challenges on campus is a really fun part of my job. It's my goal to make people feel comfortable reaching out and letting us know how we can be more helpful.

How has Swarthmore shaped your career—and your life?

Building on my elementary education at Wingra School in Madison, Wis., Swarthmore is a place I found and honed interests, met and established lifelong friendships, and supported me in being passionate about pursuing interests. Swarthmore introduced me to wonderful friends, staff, professors, and now colleagues ... on top of being the most beautiful campus I've seen.

What advice would you give current Swarthmoreans hoping to follow in your path?

Pay attention to the things that interest you. Figure out a way to incorporate those things into as many aspects of your life. As Diane Anderson said to me, "Don't do something you don't like for too long—it'll make you old really quickly." Sage words.