Provenance, Acknowledgments, and Suggestions for Further Reading

Auden Collection: Provenance

Swarthmore College's Auden Collection was established through donations from Auden himself (most notably, the gift of a manuscript notebook from the 1930s), the gathering of material "evidence" of his tenure here (a typewriter and correspondence with faculty members), and the varied and sometimes amusing traces the poet-professor left behind on campus and in the library (articles in the Swarthmore College newspaper and annotated copies of a few of his own works).

In addition to housing unique artifacts from Auden's time at the college, the collection consists of approximately 500 items, including many first editions of books, pamphlets, and broadsides, as well as secondary literature and sound recordings. For access to this collection, or to explore other special collections in the Rare Book Room, please contact the Circulation Desk.


We wish to thank the College Bulletin for allowing us to make several of its articles available for this exhibit; Kelly Mueller, Digital Information Services Librarian, for sharing her web-design expertise; Kate Carter of the Circulation Department for her scanning assistance; and Susanna Morikawa of the Friends Historical Library for her advice about digitizing archival materials.

Many thanks also to the Estate of W. H. Auden for generously granting permission to reproduce images of Auden's typescript and handwritten Romanticism chart, the revisions to The Ascent of F6, his letter to the library, and his Vocation and Society speech.

If you have questions or comments about this exhibit, please contact Melanie Maksin or Anne Garrison.

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