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The Records of New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

    The <Meeting> name used in the search and results pages is the most recent name of the monthly meeting. Researchers are advised that before 1900, a monthly meeting frequently encompassed several meeting houses or local (preparative) meetings. All matters of membership, including receipt of new members, transfers of membership, marriages, and the recording of births and deaths were the responsibility of the monthly meeting. The call number index includes both the current and past names of the monthly meeting.

    • Further information about the histories of local meetings may be found in our on-line catalogue, TRIPOD, at http://tripod.swarthmore.edu;
      you may use the return button on your browser to return to this site.

    In using Quaker records, it is often important to know when a monthly meeting was established or “laid down,” because a person’s membership moved from one meeting to another.

    • The call number index also lists the call numbers found on the results screen. Volume numbers are given to all of the original meeting records in Friends Historical Library that were indexed for this project. Researchers using microfilm in an offsite location should disregard the FHL call numbers.
    • A list of the <Event> abbreviations may be found on the list of abbreviations
    • The <Notes> field is used for additional information about an event. The note field is particularly useful when searching for maiden names or tracking transfers of membership from one meeting to another. This field can also be searched using abbreviations as found on the list.
    • Please remember to search under all name variants; spelling, particularly before 1800, was inconsistent.


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