Student Coordinators/Receptionists

Seetha Davis, Coordinator


I’m Seetha, a psychology and education major interested in how those disciplines might be incorporated into healthcare. Outside of academics, I spend my time playing music, baking sweet things, and exploring new places. My favorite part about the Writing Program is that it provides a space for writers to talk with each other about writing and to generate ideas together, even if those writers are not studying the same disciplines. The similarities between and nuances of genres have helped me appreciate a wider range of texts and gain confidence writing in new styles. I love discussing ideas with writers in ways that encourage us both to make connections to what we already know and find stability in unfamiliar territory. The Writing Center is a great resource at any stage in the writing process.

Becky Tang, Coordinator  


I'm Becky, a senior majoring in Statistics and Computer Science with outside interests in food and environmental science. Prior to joining the WA Program, the focus of my writing assignments was always centered around the final draft. However, working with WAs and joining the Program has shown me the importance of the writing process. What is the best way for me to start writing an essay? What does my revision process look like? Did I write these three paragraphs simply to meet the word count? If so, why am I struggling to answer the prompt? The WA Program helped me to begin thinking about and answering these questions, and I challenge you to consider questions like these as well.

Alex Ye, Coordinator 


My name is Aly and I am a junior majoring in English Literature with a minor in Chinese. Working as a WA and as a Writing Associate Mentor has taught me a lot about the various steps of the writing process, as well as the value of working with others. Despite the different ways that we think about, write, and revise our papers, I think it's both fun and important to approach writing as a shared practice, through which we can better understand not only others but also ourselves. 


Sangeeta Subedi, Head Receptionist 








Bret Serbin, Receptionist 

Anthony Velleca, Receptionist