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SLAC-WPA Conference 2017

Image of Bond Rose Garden with Parrish Hall in the background


Research, Assessment, and Inter-campus Collaboration

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA

January 13-14

Please click the link below to register for the conference.

The upcoming meeting at Swarthmore will mark the 10th anniversary of SLAC-WPA. Back when we created the consortium, the goal was to get together a group of writing professionals from SLACs to discuss our shared practices and to build a network of support for current challenges. Our work together began as a set of narratives around our individual campuses and programs, and over the past ten years these narratives have formed a collective. We have explored questions around assessment, faculty development, information literacy and diversely-prepared learners; and we have learned from each other through the annual Speedshare and the recently added Artifacts from our Practices. As we move into the next decade of the organization, we want to think about how we can use the collective to answer our shared questions and to inform national conversations around the teaching of writing at post-secondary institutions.

This year, our conference will focus on research and assessment initiatives that foster collaborations between and among campuses. We are interested in reflecting on prior and existing collaborations between SLACs, and with other campuses, and in conceiving of new possibilities for collaboration. We will use our time together to create spaces to share our individual questions with the goal of finding overlap and the potential for future collaboration.