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I don't know how to connect all of my ideas together.

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Most writers, when they begin writing a paper, are unsure how all of their ideas connect to each other. There are several ways to focus your thoughts:

  • Prewriting Techniques: These will help you figure out which of your ideas stimulate your passion and are best supported by evidence.
  • Thesis questions [pdf]: This exercise will help shape your thesis. Write down your answers.
  • Argument Box [pdf] or Argument House [pdf]: Place your central idea at the top and organize your other ideas underneath it. If it feels like you have a couple of main ideas that are unconnected, fill out multiple argument boxes and focus your paper on the argument box that generates the most interest for you and has the greatest support.
  • Read the Writing Center's suggestions for organizing your paper.
  • If you have already written your paper and are wondering how to create a better sense of flow as you transition from point to point, see the Writing Center's comments on clarity.