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Alchemy 2007


Great Britain in 1914:  A Great Power Turns to a "Brave Little Kingdom"
Julia Barber '09 --- Political Science

The Lighter Side of Death and Despair: The Modern Poetry of Louis MacNeice
Rahul D'Silva '08 --- English

The Alaska Permanent Fund
Mattie Gregor '10 --- Economics

Heraclitus, Nietzsche, Ethics, and Imperatives
Daniel Peterson '08 --- Ancient Philosophy

Impossible Ethics:  A Response to the Sacrifice of Isaac
Aaron Hollander '07 --- Religion

The Creation of Rational Fools
Peter Kriss '07 --- Economics


Rebekah Rosenfeld

Editorial Board

Judy Browngoehl
Caroline Grubbs
Sean Nesselrode
Daniel Putnam
Brian Tomasik
Lucy VanEssen-Fishman