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Alchemy 2006


Joanna's Gender
Sarah Poindexter '06  --- 

Heraclitus and the Divine
Jennifer Peck '06
--- Classics

School Choice and Charters:  Increased and Improved Options for Everyone?
Rebecca Benjamin '07 --- Education

The Current Status of the Pell Grant Program:  Limiting or Opening Access to Higher Education?
Jayanti Owens '06 --- Political Science

Progressing Backward:  The Re-Opening of Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Katherine Chamblee '07 --- History

City Slaves: Agency Through Opportunity
Abigail Graber '08 --- History

A Sociolinguistic Investigation of the Pronunciation of Swarthmore
Lesley Goodman '06 and Ruth Halvey '06 --- Linguisitcs


Lesley Goodman

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Veronica Betancourt
Katherine Chamblee
Caroline Grubbs
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