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Alchemy 2005


The Realist-Romantic and Romantic-Realist:  Visions of the Anti-Hero in Early Russian Literature
Abigail Graber '08 --- Literature

Usury Laws:  Are They Justified?
Shiva Thiagajaran '05 --- Economics

A Supremely Bad Decision:  The Majority Ruling in Bush v. Gore
Jared Thompson '05 --- Political Science

Self-Identity and Picasso's Harlequin
Aaron Wasserman '05 --- Art History

Exacerbation Effects of Anti-Oppressive Movements andthe Swarthmore Living Wage Campaign
Alexander M. Ginsberg '08 --- Political Science

SEPTA and the Economics of Urban Transportation
Josh Hausman '05 --- Economics

Characters Set in Motion:  Entrances in War and Peace
Elsa Trimble '06 --- Literature


Ian Flora

Editorial Board

Paul Blain
Katherine Chamblee
Lesley Goodman
Britta Ingebretson
Chris Miller
Rebekah Rosenfeld
Victoria Stern