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Alchemy 2004


(Un)Taming the Beast with Two Backs
LiErin Probasco '04 --- Sociology & Anthropology

Domestic Politics: The Man behind Diplomacy's Iron Mask
Matt Meltzer '06 --- Political Science

Soil Remediation of Mercuric Ions, Hg(II), in Radioactive Waste Sites in Orchid Island, Taiwan and Pyungsan, North Korea
Edwin Nam '04 --- Biology

Catullus the Basketcase
Katherine Merow '06 --- Latin

Analysis of two Medical Documents on Hermaphroditism in the Nineteenth Century
Lesley Goodman '06 --- History

Growing up under the Rainbow: A Study of Child Development in Lesbigay Households
Dale Jennings '04 --- Education

Looking at Linux: Explaining the Open Source Revolution in Terms of Network Economics
Arthur Chu '06 --- Economics

Editorial Board

Paul Blain
Micah Horwith
Alison Landrey
Pei Pei Liu
Chris Miller
Sarah Newman
Chiara Ricciardone
Rachel Scott
Lauren Ullrich