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Alchemy 2003


"Jesus Thrown Everything off Balance":  Religious Crises and Agents of Grace in Flannery O'Connor's Short Stories
Anna Woodiwiss '03 --- Religion

Justifying the Tobacco Tax
David Kamin '02 --- Economics

Interruption of the Life Cycle of Schistosomiasis Parasite using Engineered Caulobacter Bio-films
Matthew Goldstein '04 --- Biology

Close Reading of P.B. Shelley's "To Wordsworth"
Pei Pei Liu '04 --- English

Suspended in Time:  Okinawa's Continuing Struggle
Reiko Teshiba '02 --- Political Science

Reflections on Representation in Women's Testimonial Literature in Latin America
Andy Shie Kee Wong '02 --- Literature

Studying and Teaching Whiteness
Jessica Lee '03 --- Education

An Absent Center -- A Present Potential:  Apocalypse, Ending, and the Last Delta-t of Possibility
Christine Smallwood '03 --- English

The Moosewood Generation (Excerpts)
Deborah Bacharach '88

Editorial Board 

Sara Edelstein
Jacqueline Emery
Joanne Gaskell
Pei Pei Liu