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2011 Issue


The 2008 Anti-Yoga Fatwa of the National Fatwa Council of Malaysia:
Reasons, Reactions, Resolution, and Significance
Andrew Loh '11 • Religion

Doctored Wages: The Income Penalty for Motherhood in the Medical Field
Neena Cherayil '11 • Economics

Pentheus in Drag: The Importance of (de)Gendered Performance in The Bacchae
Alex Weintraub '11 • Classics

Equivocal Speech in Oedipus Tyrannus
Bill Beck '11 • Greek

Allen Iverson: The Rise and Fall
James Mao '12 • Sociology and Anthropology

The Quest for Absolution in Crime and Punishment
Madeline Charne '14 • Russian

Would American Foreign Policy Be More or Less Effective if
the War Powers Resolution Were Enforced?
Jenna Zhu '12 • Political Science

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Connor Morrison
Alba Villamil

Editorial Board

Tim Bernstein
James Mao
Genevieve McGahey
Monika Zaleska