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2008 Issue


Victoria's Dirty Secret: Nature and Power in the Protest Against the Catalog Industry
Calvin Ho '11
--- Sociology and Anthropology

Viewed from Above: The Idea and Linguistic Expression of Emelye in "The Knight's Tale"
Sarah Ifft '10 --- English

Truth Conditions and Anatomically Deviant Kangaroos: The Semantics of the Counterfactual Conditional
Ronni Sadovsky '08 --- Linguistics and Philosophy

Government Intervention in China's Car Industry
Hansi Lo Wang '09 --- Economics

Government Control in the Austrian Empire Following the Defeat of Napoleon
Julian Chender '09 --- History

Withstanding Ivan's Fury: John Hick's "Soul-Making Theodicy"
Justin diFeliciantonio '10 --- Religion

Download the complete issue here [pdf].


Daniel Putnam

Editorial Board

Judy Browngoehl
Arly Gease
Sean Nesselrode
Lucy VanEssen-Fishman
Julie Qian Wang