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Meet the Associates 2021-2022

WRC Associate Student Reni


Reni Esan (she/her/hers)

Reni is a Junior and this is her third year as a WRC Associate. 

WRC Associate Aimen Khan


Aimen Khan (she/her/hers)

Aimen is a junior majoring in physics and chemistry. She is passionate about representing and promoting the various salient identities of Swarthmore's student body and hopes to create an environment at the WRC and on campus where the most marginalized groups feel comfortable. Aimen is also a bibliophile who jams out daily to Billy Joel. This is her second year as a WRC Associate.

WRC Associates Anastasia Lewis


Anastasia Lewis (she/her/hers)

Anastasia is a sophomore student interested in Anthropology, Religion, and Asian Studies. She is very excited to work with the WRC community to share stories of powerful women. This is Anastasia's second year as a WRC Associate.

WRC Associate Student Yang


Yang Windhorse (he/him/his)

Yang is a junior studying Computer Science. He believe in world peace via world revolution, and cherish friendships. He hope to contribute queer and trans content to WRC programs.  This is Yang's third year as a WRC Associate.

WRC Associate Ell Rose


Ell Rose (they/them/theirs)

Ell is a member of the class of 2024 and a prospective political science/educational studies special major with a minor in linguistics. They spend most of their free time sewing and crafting and challenging the norms of the gender binary through their work. This is only their first year as an associate, but they are excited to help all people, especially non-cis-female gender minorities, feel welcome and included at the WRC.  This is Ell's second year at the WRC.

WRC Associate Student Fatima


Fatima Tariq (she/her/hers)

Fatima is a junior from Long Island, NY and her second year as a WRC Associate. She is a prospective engineering major with a chemistry minor. As a new intern, she is very excited to be working with the WRC and to create gender equity in the STEM field on campus. She loves the energy the WRC has and is hopeful for what we can do in the future! 

WRC Associate Student Kestrel


Kestrel Valdez (sher/her/hers)

Kestrel is a junior from Los Angeles, CA studying Educational Studies and Philosophy. She is excited to join the center this year as a first year. She is excited to contribute to the center's inclusive and supportive community. This is Kestrel's third year as an associate.