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  1. Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program Summer 2015
  2. “I have learned a lot from not only the professors, but the student mentors and my peers as well.” - Jessica Malisa, scholar
  3. "We set out to encourage the scholars to develop positive habits, not only of mind, but of heart and communal spirit. For all of us in our varied roles, the experience exceeded our wildest hopes as we forged a community marked by warmth, good humor, whole- hearted individual and collaborative engagement and a celebration of diverse approaches and personalities.” - Philip Kudish, lab instructor
  4. - Cheryl Grood, faculty member “ “
  5. “This has been a summer of learning for scholars, mentors and professors alike. On day 1 we learned names, by day 34 we learned that we are part of a wonderfully diverse community that has become a family, and I feel privileged to be a member.” - Haley Gerardi, student mentor
  6. “Make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to fail. Everyone fails at some point. The important thing is to learn and move forward.” - Jesus Hernandez, scholar
  7. “This experience has made me really excited for the fall and to meet the rest of the people of Swarthmore especially the rest of the class of 2019. I know that when we come back to campus in the fall we will walk in with a support group of students and professors that will be very advantageous that others will not have and it is thanks to the S3P program.” - Jared Hunt, scholar
  8. “Something that makes me feel accomplished is completing my work with the intentions of bettering myself and strengthening my mind, instead of worrying about a grade. This is a principle I have learned in these past five weeks, and I am eager to practice it for the next four years.” - Elizabeth Flores, scholar
  9. “I met sociable, passionate people who simply love to learn. I could not spend my summer in any other way. This program ultimately felt like a vacation for scholars.” - Deondre Jordan, scholar
  10. The R Words: Resilience Resourceful Risk-taking Reliable Responsible Ready Receptive Rigor Real Resolve Reasonable Relaxed Respect Reflective Refresh Rejuvenate Rejoice Regimen Routine Ruthless Robust Relentless Recognition
  11. “Before you know it, you will have 15 more siblings into your family.” - Jessica Lewis, scholar
  12. “In the classroom there are diverse but similar ways thinking between all of us, including mentors and professors. I have learned about the differences between us but I have learned that there are so many more similarities.” -Jonathan Tostado, scholar
  13. "True community requires social interaction and a shared commitment to the well-being of the group. Community also requires a willingness to negotiate across difference, each and every day to create mutually beneficial relationships. Over the course of these five weeks, S3P has forged strong bonds of community. Each of you will make new friends of your classmates as you begin your freshman fall. Yet these first S3P friends will hold a special place in your life at Swarthmore. They will share your journey, your struggles and your successes. Embrace new friends in one hand while holding fast to S3P with the other. Good luck." - Allison Dorsey, program director
  14. "These five weeks have been amazing, and they are just the beginning of what I know will be an incredible four years for the scholars. I look forward to continuing the relationships we have all formed.” - Olivia Edwards, student mentor
  15. "The student mentors are the 'secret sauce' for the S3P's recipe. They are terrific as individuals and are an amazing team." - Amy Cheng Vollmer, faculty member
  16. "I have never felt so at home with, while learning so much, from any group of people such as the Swarthmore Summer Scholars.” -Tom McGovern, student mentor
  17. “During this program I have learned as much or even more than I have taught.” - Jill Gladstein, faculty member
  18. “Learning about yourself and how you think is one of the most important things you’ll do here. Learning how others can help you is the other most important thing.” - Laela Ezra, scholar
  19. “I think you gain power just by learning what to call a certain feeling that’s been eating at your insides, by learning that your fears and worries are not things you’ve made up in your mind, by receiving confirmation that those fears and worries about your ‘difference’ from the majority are legitimate feelings.” - Linda Vu, scholar
  20. “Participating in the Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program as a Student Mentor this Summer had me interact with a diverse group of ambitious incoming freshman. Over the course of five weeks, this same ambition helped foster a thriving intellectual community. The care and compassion they have for each other quickly created a tight- knit family.” - Angel Ceballos, student mentor
  21. “Never before had I considered the importance of courses outside of my major. Now I am lucky enough to have realized that music, history, language, sociology (and tons of other areas of study I would have never considered) is essential to supplementing ones knowledge of the world.” - Jordan Reyes, scholar
  22. “I have formed an inseparable bond with these professors and friends, taking academic debates and nonsensical pranks to a new level. A summer has never been more challenging, yet enlightening than this one!” - Tim Nguyen, scholar
  23. “I now have an idea of what Swarthmore is, and I am thankful that I get to be a part of this community, as well as thankful for the opportunity to have shared an experience in this program. I expect my fall semester to be smooth, with less nerves going towards the transition to college, and more positive energy going toward meeting new people and hitting the ground up and running.” - Ivan Lomeli, scholar
  24. “The Swarthmore S3P experience was an acknowledgement of the challenges that we might have to face as first generation students. At the end of these five weeks, I can say that my difficulties no longer seem insurmountable but are rather stepping- stones on my path to success.” - Taylor Wilson, scholar
  25. “It’s like a heavy weight jut got lifted off my shoulders - S3P has showed me that I will be challenged at Swarthmore, but with the support of the college community, I will be the first person in my family to graduate from college.” - Nhung Hoang, scholar
  26. "I feel like I've known every scholar I had the pleasure of working with - for much longer than I actually have and it's no coincidence; they have spoiled me with their wisdom, in many cases unknowingly, and do not know how much they have forever impacted my life moving forward.” -Stefan Laos, student mentor
  27. “I will never forget the experiences my peers and I have shared this summer. I cannot thank the faculty and staff enough for starting this program.” - Nick Luciano, scholar
  28. "I've spent so long trying to avoid failure that I failed to realize that the absence of failure signals the absence of courage to challenge oneself.” - Woodjerry Etienne, scholar
  29. "I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this program--but the way the students played off of each other's humor during our first hall meeting signaled that I was in for an exciting five weeks.” - Ciara Williams, student mentor
  30. Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 18:14:01 -0400 (EDT) To: [faculty-staff] Subject: Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program poster session Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program (S3P) students will be presenting posters in the Eldridge Science Commons on Friday, July 31 from 10 am until noon. Sixteen students will be presenting individual posters about a diversity of subjects including Math, Biology, Writing, as well as ones focused on field trips that they took and reading from Whistling Vivaldi and The Checklist Manifesto. They have spent 5 weeks on campus and Friday is their last day (until they return for Orientation).
  31. 16 S3P scholars were from 9 states