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New Panes

What's New

  • The most substantial changes to the Drupal console have been to the Arrange Panes. We've fundamentally changed the page template structure of all pages to provide a simpler, leaner, more linear, mobile first strategy to the design.
  • We also added several new pane types, changed many existing panes, and discontinued/consolidated several panes in this latest iteration of the Swarthmore website.
  • Changed
    • Feature (same)
    • Feature Link List (the new link list pane)
    • News Feed
    • Events Calendar Feed
    • Image Slider (standard slideshow/gallery, story slideshow)
    • Audio Player (previously the audio/video pane)
    • Video-only (previously the audio/video pane)
    • People List
  • NEW
    • Callout on Image
    • Full Width Callout
    • Image Callout (new)
    • Lead
    • Link List (not the same as feature link list)
    • Instagram Lockup)
    • Multi-Column Callout