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Manage Navigation

Manage navigation using the link under site administration or editing the pane directly

Manage navigation using the link under the yellow site administration menu or by editing the navigation pane directly

Manage navigation allows you to edit, add and arrange your site's navigation.  The link is located under the main yellow site administration link.  You can also manage navigation by using the gear/cog icon on the site menu itself.

Add navigation links

Using the second tab "Add Item" you can link to an internal/external page, or link to a document. Make sure you save your work.  Once added use the "List Items" tab to arrange the navigation as desired.

Linking to an Internal (Drupal) page

Bring focus the "Path" input by clicking inside the the input slot.  When this is done, a listing of all pages within your site are displayed in alphabetical order.

If you want to link to another page outside your site and you know the title of the page you want to link to you can start typing that title in the "Path".  Another option is to copy and paste the url (path) of the page.

For pages brought in using the "Path" tool the link text is automatically populated, but can be changed if desired.

Linking to a document

Use the "Link to a document" button.  This will open the file browser window at your site's documents folder and you can proceed from there.  Please make sure your link text is meaningful and includes the type of document

Link to an external site

Copy the external url and paste it in the "Path".  As always, please make sure your link text is meaningful.

Linking to course sections of Acalog

The pattern for linking to particular sections in Acalog appears to be as follows: 

  • Take the section title
  • remove spaces and symbols (such as / or  -  or , ) between words.
    • Note: any words starting with lower case need to be change to upper case e.g. Honors in Studio Art becomes HonorsInStudioArt
  • precede the result with a hash tag (#) and add it to the end of the url (page) address. 

Here are a few examples:

The Biology course page in Acalog is:

  • to link to the Course Major section the link becomes: 
  • to link to the Honors Minor section the link becomes: 

The Art course page in Acalog is:

  • to link to the Honors in Studio Art section the link becomes:

Arrange Existing Links

There are times when you may need to move existing navigation links so they fall under a different parent or are their own top level navigation item.  

  • Choose Manage Navigation by choosing "Manage navigation" on the "cog" at the top right of the navigation module, or by choosing "Manage navigation" from the yellow menu (see the images at the top of this page as reference)
  • Hover over the "cross" of navigation item you want to move until your mouse icon changes from a arrow to a cross 
  • Depress the mouse to drag and drop the item to its new location
    • You will know you have successfully grabbed the link when the background turns a pale yellow.

Background of chosen navigation item turn pale yellow