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Image Sizes

The following image style guide shows you the recommended image sizes that should be used. All dimensions are in pixels (width x height) Photos should be saved in .jpg format using 70-80% compression.

Editing images should be done in either Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, which is software provided by ITS


Primary Image

Primary images are located at the top of a webpage between the page title and body content area. The size of a primary image can vary depending on your particular needs, but primary images should not exceed 710 pixels in width. A primary image that spans the full width of the body content area should be 710 pixels wide. The height can vary, but typically fall between 430 to 360 pixels in height. Primary images can be smaller than 710 pixels if you wish to float the image in order to allow the text  to wrap around the image. In those scenarios, a width of 340 pixels or smaller is generally recommended.

Recommended dimensions for full-span: 710x430 pixels or 710x360​ pixels
Recommended dimensions for half-span with text-wrapping: 340x200 pixels
MAXIMUM WIDTH: 710 pixels


The size of images in feature and link list panes can vary greatly depending on your particular needs, but images should not exceed 340 pixels in width for "one column" panes. The height can vary, but typically fall between 240 to 160 pixels in height. Images in feature panes can be smaller than 340 pixels if you wish to float the image and allow text to wrap around the image. In those scenarios, an image with a width of no larger than 150 pixels should used, but a 110x110 square image is also frequently used.

Recommended dimensions for one-column panes full span: 340x200 or 340x170
Recommended dimensions for half-span with text-wrapping: 150x90 or 110x110 pixels
MAXIMUM WIDTH: 340 pixels