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Edit existing panes (components)

hover over the right side of an pane to reveal the gear icon

To edit an existing pane (formerly referred to as a component or module) hover over the the right side of the pane you want to edit.  When you do this, you will notice a small gear icon.  Click on the icon and choose "Edit" to make your changes.

Short Description of Available Panes

Swarthmore has several types of panes to choose from.  Editing and creating each type will be discussed further in the Advanced section:

  • Feaure
    • An abstract with an image and a view more link
  • Link List
    • An abstract, image, capability of adding a list of links and a view more link
  • Randomize On Load
    • Consists of a group of other panes (such as Features or Link Lists).  Each time a visitor visits a page a different pane from that group is shown
  • Swarthmore Audio/Video
  • Mashup
    • A grouping of two or more panes "mashed" together.  An example might be a Link List mashed with a Train Schedule
  • News Feed
    • Displays news stories based on set criteria
  • Event Calendar Feed
    • Displays events from the campus calendar based on specific chosen categories
  • Slide Show
    • Simple slide show consisting of static images and captions.  Can also be converted to a gallery.
  • Story Slideshow
    • A more complex slide show which can incorporate multimedia items
  • People List
    • A listing of faculty and/or staff and generally displayed on a department faculty/staff page
  • Contact & Social Media
    • Usually displayed on every page of a site and not editable until advanced training
  • External API
    • Allows us to pull in external api content such as Twitter or Flickr feeds
  • Weather
    • The current weather here at Swarthmore.  Pulls from Yahoo Weather
  • Train Schedule
    • The septa schedule of trains.  Pulls from Septa