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Arranging Panes

  • Choose Arrange Panes under the yellow site administration page. The image below shows the different regions where content can be added and rearranged.
    • The cog/gear icon on the left allows you to add new panes
    • The cog/grear icon on the right allow you to do the following:
      • hide
      • edit
      • remove (this does NOT delete the pane, it only removes it from the page)

Arrange Panes shows the different areas where content can be added to a page

Adding a new pane

  • Click on the gear/cog icon on the left to add a new pane

Moving a pane

  • Hover over the pane title area of the component you'd like to move until you see the mouse indicator change from an arrow to a cross
  • Click and drag the pane to the desired region (e.g. 2 Column Above, Left Column, Center Column, Right Column)

Right Column



Right Column