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Advanced - How To

What is covered in the Advanced area?

This section of Web-Help will cover everything about working with Panes including:

  • Overview of creating a new pane, editing an exsiting pane, arranging panes, deleting a pane
  • Feature pane
  • Link List pane
  • Audio & Video pane
  • Contact & Social Media pane
  • Randomize On-Load pane
  • Mashup pane
  • News  pane
  • Calendar pane
  • Slideshow & Gallery pane
  • Story Slideshow pane
  • Weather, Train, External API panes

How do I know if I have the correct permissions?

Advanced users have additional privledges revolving aroun pane managementYou must have completed Drupal Fundamentals and the Drupal Advanced courses to be granted the additional rights of a content manager.  If you have done both, the drop down menu under my will include the additioanal fuctions of Arrange panes, Add new pane, Arrange right column panes and Manage site panes.  It will look like the image on the right.