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Adding Slideshows, Videos and Images

Adding a Primary Image

  • Clicking on the blue bar to expands to provide options for adding slideshows, videos and images

    the dark blue bar expands and contracts to reveal options to add slideshows, videos and image

  • Once expanded you will find options to add a Primary Image or an existing Media Item (creating a media item will be covered in another lesson):

    Once expanded, the dark blue bar provides options to add a Primary Image or an existing Media Item

  • Expanding the Primary image bar reveals two additional tabs which allow you Upload a new image or search for an existing image using the File Browser (greyed) tab:

    Expanding the Primary Image link allow you to upload a new image or find an existing image

  • To Upload an new image choose "Browse" under the Upload tab.  When you do this a new window opens allowing you to browse your machine for the desired image.  Once you choose the image, click ok.  The path to the image is then shown and you should choose "Upload"
    • Add the alt text. 
    • Why is this important?
      • Persons with visual impairments cannot see an image and therefore do not understand why the image is present.  It is also useful for people using mobile and/or people who have slow connections and may have images turned off. 
      • If you are going to add an image to your page make sure it is relevant to the main content of the page
      • Describe the image as if you were trying to explain it to a friend who is on the phone - focus on what is relevant, be succinct.  If you are unable to describe the image you should seriously consider leaving it off the page.
  • Choose the Image Alignment from the dropdown
  • Add a caption
    • Generally, captions should be no more than 250 characters and ideally, closer to 125 character
  • Every time you add an image, Drupal automatically creates a thumbnail of that image. You can also add a custom thumbnail if you'd like. The thumbnail is used primarily in RSS feeds.

Adding An Existing Media Item

  • Use the drop down to choose an existing media from your site, or from another site on

    Choose a media item from the drop down list

  • You can preview the item you've just chosen by clicking on the Preview Pane link below the selected item.  Doing so opens a new window containing the the item.
    A link below the chosen media item allows you to preview the item