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Course TitleWhat on Earth Is World Cinema?
SemesterFall 2019
Registration IDFMST05001
DepartmentFilm and Media Studies
InstructorWhite, Patricia
Times and DaysTTH 09:55am-11:10am
M 07:00pm-10:00pm
Room LocationSinger Hall 033
Course Info

Is there such a thing as world cinema, or is the concept a naïve or imperialist one? What is the relationship between "world cinema" and national cinemas? What is "national" about national cinemas? This course introduces students to theoretical debates about the categorization and global circulation of films, film style, authorship, and audiences through case studies drawn from Iranian, Indian, East Asian (Korea, Taiwan), Latin American, European, and U.S. independent cinemas. Special attention to how film festivals, journalism, and cinephile culture confer value.

Miscellaneous Info

Course Record Number: 17457
Enrollment Limit: 30
Current Enrollment: 16
Distribution: Humanities

Eligible for GLBL-Core.

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