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Trauma-Informed Writing Workshop

A safe and intentional space for students to share their stories

Black and white photo of hand hovering above a keyboard with pad of paper and pen nearby and the word "breathe" written on the page.

Information for virtual workshops coming soon!

We live in an age where survivors are being urged to tell their stories, yet we are often not provided with the tools to do so in an empowering, trauma-informed way. This workshop draws on mindfulness techniques and meditation philosophy as a framework for writing practice. We use slogans as intentional writing prompts, breathwork as a metaphor for voice, and the present moment as a way to ground us in our bodies and help integrate all of the stories that comprise who we are - both joyful and painful.

Sitting with discomfort (and writing it down) is a central practice in this workshop. What we resist persists, so how can we learn to become comfortable with uncomfortable feelings as they arise?

This workshop was designed to be a communal practice. Part of sitting with discomfort is knowing that we are supported and that we are safe. By asking the group for what we need, we're better able to tell our stories and fully integrate our experiences. At the same time, this workshop is not intended as a replacement for therapy, and participants are encouraged to seek additional supports as needed. Access to resources will be provided and encouraged.

Over the course of nine sessions, participants will learn the four "pillars of practice," and as we grow a body of writing through these lessons, the group will be trained in a trauma-informed approach to responding to one another's work. All sharing is voluntary and participants who are not interested in sharing are still welcome in this group.

To have others see us, hear us, and hold space for us is necessary for healing; silence and isolation only further our suffering. Each of our stories is unique, yet recognizing that we are not alone in our experiences is incredibly empowering. If you are seeking a container in which to grow, expand, and heal, please complete a Google form here and we will be in touch shortly. If you have any questions about the workshop or this practice, please email Chelsey Eiel at

Space for each of our workshops is necessarily limited, and participation will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Please review our community guidelines and understand that participation is dependent upon agreement to these practices. A commitment to all of the sessions is strongly encouraged.