Student Title IX Teams

Student Title IX Advisory Team & Title IX Liaison Team

Student Title IX Advisory Team

The Student Title IX Advisory Team, formed in late 2014, works closely with the Title IX Coordinator to review policy, procedures, and assist with long term campus planning. The Student Title IX Liaison Team, formed in 2016, is composed of student leaders from different campus student groups who wish to bring conversations and programming related to sexual violence prevention to their groups. In addition, team members from both groups assist with special projects and prevention and education efforts.  


2017-2018 Title IX Advisory Team:

Christina Labows '18

Claire O'Brien '18

Clare Perez '18

Jane Blicher '18

Taylor Chiang '18

Ellie Ghanbari '19

Chern Teoh '20

Tara Cannon '20

Lelosa Aimufua '21

Shelby Dolch '21


2017-2018 Title IX Liaison Team: 

Gretchen Trupp '18

Charles Kuchenbrod '18

Meghan Kelly '18

Clare Perez '18

Makayla Portley '18

Robby Jimenez Vargas '18

Bel Barros Guinle '19

Mark Hergenroeder '19

Ethan Yoo '19

Jasmine Charles '20

Alex Marsh '20

Lucy Jones '20