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  • Stat 011 Statistical Methods I
    This course prepares students to carry out basic statistical analyses using computer software. Topics include summary statistics and graphics, design of surveys and experiments, one and two-sample t-tests and tests of proportions, and an introduction to simple linear regression. The course is intended for students who want a practical introduction to statistical methods. Students may not receive credit for both Stat 011 and AP Statistics.
Fall 2021
Fall 2020

Spring 2020 

For students interested in testing out of Stat 11, the Math/Stat Department provides placement information. More generally, here is an unofficial study guide I created to help students understand which topics you are expected to know moving out of Stat 11 and what to expect moving into Stat 21. 

  • Stat 021 Statistical Methods II
    This is a second course in applied statistics that extends methods taught in STAT 011. Topics include a brief review of Stat 11 material, multiple linear regression, analysis of variance, and logistic regression.
    Prerequisite: Credit for AP Statistics; a grade of C or better in STAT 011 or ECON 031; or a grade of B or better in STAT 001 with permission of the instructor.
Spring 2022
Spring 2021
Fall 2020
Fall 2019 

Material for my students

  • Student evaluations are very important to me. I offer multiple opportunities for students to submit anonymous feedback to me each semester for every course. I design these forms in a way that is meant to measure aspects of my class and instruction that are important to me. That being said, I encourage my students to consider potential sources of bias when completing these evaluations.  Here is an illuminating article on  bias in student teacher evaluations. 
  • Introductory stats cheat sheets

    These "definitions and terms to know" documents are meant to be useful "cheat-sheets" for you whenever you find yourself performing statistical analysis. Some of these are very similar to the end of the chapter notes from the book Stats: Data and Models 4th Edition by Bock, Vellman, and Devoux. All of these are tailored to they way I teach Stat 011 and some of them contain notes and tips that may be difficult to find elsewhere. 

    If you find any typos in these documents, please send me an to let me know! These are works in progress that will be updated occasionally. 

    1. Collecting data 
    2. Probability and random variables
    3. More about random variables
    4.  Confidence intervals
    5. Hypothesis tests 
  • Course-specific material (please check back around Sept 2022 for edits to the links below)
  1. Stat 11 
  2. Stat 21 


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John von Neumann

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.


-John von Neumann

John von Neumann