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Travel to and from Media

Media is the nearest sizable town to Swarthmore. It has a number of restaurants where you can find Thai, Japanese, Italian, and Indian cuisine, among others. There is also a Trader Joe’s. If you are above twenty-one years of age, Media is also one of the places you might go to buy alcohol (Swarthmore is a dry town). Linvilla Orchards is also located in Media. They boast a farm market, garden center, and attractions such as hayrides, fishing, and mini golf.

Regional Rail ($3.50/10 min)

  • Media is on the same Region Rail line (the Media/Elwyn line) as Swarthmore. A one-way ticket to Media costs $3.50 if bought at the station and $4.00 if bought on the train.

Trolley ($1.80/12 min)

  • The 101 trolley line goes to Media. You can catch the 101 from behind the Target at Springfield Mall. It stops several times in Media, so look up which stop is most convenient for your destination before heading out.
  • The 101 also goes to Upper Darby (if you take it in the opposite direction), where you can find H Mart (with a food court!) and an Indian grocery store (Sabzi Mandi).
  • You can find the 101 schedule on the SEPTA website.
  • Remember to have exact change!

Biking (25 min)

  • Media is close enough to bike to, but be sure to check a map so that you don’t get lost and can pick a bike-friendly route. You can view directions prepared by the College or use Google Maps.