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Travel to and from the Airport

The airport is accessible via bus, train, and by college-operated shuttle immediately before and after breaks.

Bus (50 mins)

To get the airport, you need need to board the 109 Bus toward Chester from the stop across from Chester 101 and in front of PPR and then transfer at the Chester Transportation Center to Bus 37 toward Broad. Make sure the bus is on that is listed as 'via airport!' The bus drops off at multiple terminals.

Standard bus (or trolley) fare

  • $3.25 or 1 token + $1 dollar. If you are paying in cash, you must have exact change (if you do not have exact change, no change will be provided). You will pay an extra dollar for a transfer. They will provide you with a slip of paper that serves as your proof of payment. Present it upon boarding to the bus driver of the bus you are transferring to.
  • Sometimes you are required to pay upon boarding the bus and sometimes you are required to pay upon exiting. If you are not sure when to pay, please ask the bus driver.
  • Tokens can be purchased at the Swarthmore Regional Rail Station (5:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m, Monday through Friday) at $1.80 each.
  • You can check SEPTAs schedule online or use Google Maps' transit option.

Train (70 mins)

The train is more expensive and generally a longer ride than the bus. You need to take the Media-Elwyn Line into 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and then transfer to the Airport Line.

College shuttle (~40 mins)

Around breaks, student drivers operate a College shuttle to the airport. Check for emails in the weeks before breaks.

Taxi Cab

If you have a flight at an odd hour, sometimes public transportation is not operating. Taxi's are significantly more expensive. One tip to save money and reduce your carbon footprint is to post on the Reserved Student's Digest (and/or on Facebook) asking if other students are willing to split a cab with you!