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Worthmore Move-Out and Waste Reduction

Since 2007, we've made sure that items donated by students when they leave for the summer are put to good use. In the past, this took the form of a sale called Trash2Treasure, the proceeds from which were donated to charity. Starting in 2017, donated items will be saved for incoming and returning students through an on-campus free store called “Worthmore.” All other items will be donated for off-campus use.

Worthmore move-out information

Waste Disposal Guide

Residence Halls

Regardless of how much energy Facilities is pouring into heating, you may notice that your room is not warm enough. On this page, we list heating tips to try before contacting work box. Did you know that in a month like November, Swarthmore needs more energy to heat domestic water (e.g. shower water) in the resident halls than to keep the space warm? See how much energy your dorm is using with the real-time energy tracking page from Facilities, and try to tell when someone is using the elevator! 

Residence Halls : Heating and Energy Use