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Environmental sustainability efforts on campus are possible with the generous support and time of many offices and individuals on campus. Thank you to all those who make sustainability a priority at Swarthmore!

Sustainability Committee

The Office of Sustainability partners closely with the Sustainability Committee, commonly referred to as SusCom. SusCom makes recommendations to the President and to the College community regarding policies to promote environmental sustainability on campus. The Committee focuses on identifying policies and practices that promote the most efficient and responsible use of College resources. It also monitors the Green Initiatives Fund, a grant-giving fund to help community members initiate projects on campus that contribute to the College’s environmental sustainability.

Staff Partnerships

Many Swarthmore staff members and departments are dedicated to sustainable practices. Please contact the following sampling of staff members for more resources on their sustainability efforts:

Off-Campus Partnerships

Swarthmore has also partnered, and hopes to continue partnering, with these off-campus organizations: