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Green Initiatives Fund - About

The Green Initiatives Fund was created by the Swarthmore College Sustainability Committee (SusCom) to provide a means for members of the Swarthmore College community (students, staff, faculty and alumni) to initiate projects on campus that contribute to the College’s environmental sustainability.    

This fund will prioritize:

  1. Innovative pilot projects that have the potential to expand to create greater positive impact. (i.e. something piloted on a dormitory floor which eventually is adopted by the whole dorm or all dorms on campus).
  2. Projects that help the College achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035 (though projects that directly reduce other aspects of the community's environmental footprint are also considered important).
  3. Projects that are tied to the curriculum and academic life at Swarthmore.
  4. Projects that require a one-time investment rather than a need for sustained investment.
  5. Projects that communicate to and educate the College community about the importance of personal responsibility and individual behavior change.

Funding Uses and Availability

Up to $40,000 is available each academic year for all projects funded, meaning no project can receive more than $40,000. However, it is also unlikely that one project will receive the entire funding pool. There is no minimum amount that can be requested.

The majority of funding requested should be used for materials. If necessary, professional labor can be hired for project implementation. Depending on the nature of the proposal, students may also be able to receive a stipend (based on the completion of project milestones) or a paid internship for their work. The amount of the stipend and the period of the internship will be determined by the project advisor and SusCom.


Any Swarthmore College student, professor, staff member, or alumnus may propose a project.