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Environmental Sustainability Funds

There are a number of funds to which campus community members may either apply in order to pursue sustainability-themed projects or contribute to support such projects:


Project Grants

The Green Initiatives Fund

The Green Initiatives Fund was created by the Swarthmore College Sustainability Committee (SusCom) to provide a means for members of the Swarthmore College community (students, staff, faculty and alumni) to initiate projects on campus that contribute to the College’s environmental sustainability. The Green Initiatives Fund was originally established as The Renewing Fund for Resource Conservation in 2009 by Student Council, after a vote of the student body in favor of using unexpended funds to establish a green revolving-loan fund. See here for more information.

Academic Scholarships

James H. Scheuer Environmental Internship

Each year the Environmental Studies Program invites student proposals for an independent summer research project in the field of Environmental Studies. One or two award(s) in the amount of $3750 will be made. See here for more information.

Morris K. Udall Environmental Scholarship

The Environmental Studies program regularly nominates students for the Morris K. Udall Environmental Scholarship Competition.

Approximately 75 scholarships are awarded each year to students interested in the environment and to Native American and Alaskan Native students interested in the field of health care and tribal public policy. Each scholar receives up to $5,000, and attends a Summer Scholar Orientation Weekend in Arizona. See here for more information.


Gift-Giving Options

Fossil Fuel-Free Fund 

The Board of Managers established the Fossil Free Fuel Fund in 2015. The ​f​und shares the purpose of the College's general endowment: to support and build Swarthmore's future as one of the nation's premier liberal arts colleges. The fund's resources are invested exclusively in portfolios that are completely free of fossil fuels. Gifts to the fund will be endowed and used for the College's general operations.

This fund offers investors exposure to developed world equities as represented by the FTSE Developed ex Korea ex Fossil Fuel Index. The index excludes companies that either derive revenues or have reserves in oil, gas and coal. FTSE’s research specialists developed the Fossil Free Index to provide investors with a comprehensive and transparent screening methodology relevant to their objectives. The index is comprised of publicly traded, developed world, large and mid-cap equities, with an explicit exclusion of companies that produce oil, coal, and natural gas. The fund includes more than 1,000 securities across 24 countries. 

The President's Climate Commitment Fund 

The President's Climate Commitment Fund supports initiatives that help the College achieve its sustainability goals and the President's Sustainability Research Fellowship Program, a year-long course and internship in which students take the lead in solving real-world sustainability challenges. 

Which fund should you apply for?