Environmental Sustainability Framework

Analysis and Recommendations for Capital Projects and Facilities Operations

Birds-eye view of Swarthmore campus

The College created a set of sustainable building standards for new construction and major renovations of existing buildings. These standards are informed by an in-depth analysis of key opportunities for energy conservation and renewable energy and the most effective areas on campus to manage stormwater. To accomplish this analysis and develop the standards, the Sustainability Framework Committee worked with a consultant team led by the architecture firm Ballinger. The standards were drafted in Spring 2015 and first implemented Fall 2015. 

The Framework document has several components: a Stormwater Management Analysis, a Carbon & Energy Analysis, Sustainable Building Guidelines, and Implementation Recommendations. Read an executive summary [pdf] and the project checklist [pdf]. See below for the identified Key Findings, Next Steps, and Summary of Implementation Recommendations. The full Framework document is currently viewable on Slideshare.