Ecosphere Student Groups

Ecosphere contains all student groups on campus that share a common interest in maintaining a healthy environment for all of us to thrive in. From climate justice activists to bird enthusiasts, these students engage deeply with their surroundings and local communities, and explore what it means to be sustainable. Please contact Melissa Tier about updating your group description or adding a new group to the list. Let's keep our Ecosphere thriving!

Animal Allies

Animal Allies is a club whose focus is to bring attention to animal rights issues and injustices and strive to combat them through awareness and animal rights advocacy. We plan on accomplishing this through various mediums such as screening of animal rights films, discussions, animal-related volunteering, as well as by providing individuals with informative resources to guide them to lead a more animal-friendly lifestyle

Contact: Natalie LaScala​, and Bryan Alvarez 

Bird Club

A club devoted to the recreational observation of wild birds, primarily in the Crum Woods. Other planned activities include guest speakers and field trips outside the Swarthmore area.

Contact: Sayed Malawi

Chester Youth Gardening Cooperative

To help overcome the serious barriers to fresh food access that exist in the Chester by promoting sustainable food cultivation and preparation as cornerstones of healthy living. Participants in the cooperative have the opportunity to develop gardening and entrepreneurship skills which may help them to obtain and succeed in jobs in the future, and will allow them to take a central role in creating positive change in their community.

Contact: Tyler Huntington


Earthlust, started in the 1970s, is the oldest environmental club on campus. It often functions as the facilitator group or umbrella organization for the other environmental groups on campus, known collectively as "ecosphere." Earthlust meets to discuss how we can support other Ecosphere clubs in their endeavors as well as brainstorms new ways to engage with students on environmental issues. Of late we have pushed conversations of how social justice can be incorporated into our focus. Past activities include organizing student participation at the NYC People's Climate March and pushing for Tenured Track faculty in Environmental Studies.

Contact: Josh Medel and Indy Reid-Shaw

EAT (Enjoy, Appreciate, Taste)

A group of students enjoying what appears to be a meal consisting of Vietnamese vermicelli noodles and some leafy greens

E,A,T (Enjoy, Appreciate, Taste) is a diverse community that promotes the exchange and understanding of different cultures through cooking and eating. We also provide a platform for discussions on the politics, history and science implicated in the production, circulation and consumption of food. With an emphasis on the multiple aspects of food, we also provide a space for students to share and learn from each other's concepts of home through their cooking and dining experiences.

Contact: Chanoot Sirisoponsilp and Katherine Kwok

Visit the EAT Website and the Facebook Group.

Garnet Go Green

Swarthmore student athletes manning a table that is providing drinking water with compostable cups. A recycling bin next to a waste bin can be seen on the right, and a poster with the words "Go Green" is taped to the table.

Student-athletes, coaches, and staff from the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics are working together to reduce the environmental impact of the Garnet athletics programs. The purpose of the Garnet Go Green initiative is to ensure that the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics is doing its part to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Contact: Bridget Scott and Ross Bednar

The Good Food Project

A student garden

The Good Food Project provides a space on campus for students to explore and discuss issues surrounding food production and consumption. We run a student garden on campus, bee hives, and host Swarthmore's annual Meat Day.

Contact: Kyle Richmond-CrossetDaniel Manson and Rachel Diamond

Mountain Justice

A group of Swarthmore students holding posters calling for divestment from fossil fuels

We are a group of students, faculty, and alumni calling on the Swarthmore Board of Managers to divest our endowment from fossil fuels and reinvest in just and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. See the MJ website here.

Contact: Abby Saul, and Shana Herman


"Outsiders" Outing Club is dedicated to giving Swarthmore students across all class years and experience levels the opportunity to explore the outdoors through a wide array of activities, including climbing, hiking and backpacking.

Contact: Elias Blinkoff, Nathen HolemanSamuel Wallach Hanson and Douglass Boshkoff

Power Push

Earthlust and Mountain Justice co-created a project, Power Push: Growing a National Movement for Climate Justice, with aims to connect current Swarthmore students to the growing national student movement and to allow them to serve as visionaries for that movement. The strategies encompassed within Power Push include: building regional networks by connecting with student climate justice activists at nearby campuses, participating in resistance on the front lines of extraction, supporting campaigns to de-finance the industry, and lobbying for regulation of the industry.

Contact: Hazlett Henderson

Serenity Soular

A group of students and Serenity House members, all wearing white T-shirts with the Serenity Soular logo,  pose for a picture on a balcony.

Serenity Soular is an initiative of Sustainable Serenity, a coalition of groups and individuals concerned with the preservation and sustainability of North Philadelphia in the face of decades of disinvestment.  Sustainable Serenity is a think tank~act tank rooted in North Philadelphia, and involves allies from the broader Philadelphia region, including institutions of higher education, local churches, and nonprofit organizations.  Given the compounding threats of gentrification, food deserts, violence, vacancy, joblessness, homelessness, substance abuse, housing deterioration, incarceration, and climate change, it is critical we collaborate.

Serenity Soular identifies as "Goals":  -Make solar affordable for low-income households

  • Train North Philadelphia residents for solar jobs
  • Grow new solar jobs in North Philadelphia

Contact: Nathan Anderson and Katherine Zavez