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Application Process

How to Apply

Download Project Proposal Application [doc].

The application process is as follows:

  1. Contact the Green Initiatives Fund working group of the Sustainability Committee to discuss your idea or ask questions. Email Melissa Tier, Sustainability Program Manager, at, to get in touch with the working group.
  2. Submit your project proposal (application [pdf]) to
  3. The Green Initiatives Fund working group will review all proposals periodically. Your proposal could be rejected at this stage, you could be asked to make proposal changes, or it could be selected for further review by all members of the full Sustainability Committee. If selected for further review, the Sustainability Committee may invite you to attend a committee meeting to discuss your proposal and/or may suggest changes to your proposal.
  4. The Sustainability Committee will select projects for funding periodically throughout the calendar year and until all funding for the calendar year has been allocated.