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Summer Funding Opportunities Across Campus

Apply for 2019 Summer Funding!

Students seeking funding in the summer months can apply through various offices across campus.  Note that the opportunities listed below have different application links and deadlines. Students may apply for several opportunities but may only receive a maximum of $4,800 for the summer.

Check out the opportunities that are available to students….

Summer Opportunities and Research - Academic Division Funding

Funding is available to support students who wish to pursue research opportunities, internships, intensive language study, independent projects, etc. during the summer months in each of the academic divisions (Humanities; Social Sciences; and Natural Sciences and Engineering; plus Interdisciplinary projects). The application process includes: a student proposal, a Swarthmore faculty or staff recommendation letter, and an external recommendation (for projects that are not directly supervised by a Swarthmore faculty member). Students are encouraged to review the Summer Research Opportunities page, the Frequently Asked Questions and the Program Resources page for more information.

Applications Open: January 22nd

Applications Close: February 6th at 3:59.59 pm


Summer Opportunities through the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility

The Lang Center student grant programs exist to empower students and their partners to build impactful solutions to pressing societal problems. There are three main types of summer opportunities funded by the Lang Center: unpaid internships, faculty-led engaged research, and pilot projects. Swarthmore students can receive Lang Center summer funding for placements with non-profit organizations; for-profit organizations, law offices, or religious or religiously-affiliated organizations with a social mission; a Swarthmore faculty member working on engaged scholarship; and independent projects that address pressing social, environmental, or ethical problems. Students attending paid programs (i.e., programs that students must pay to participate in) are not eligible for summer funding from the Lang Center. Students are encouraged to review the Lang Center Summer Grantee Handbook and our Summer Opportunities webpage for more information.  Please note that a pre-application advising session is required; applications received from students who did not have an advising session will not be reviewed.

Applications Open: January 23, 2019

Applications Close: February 6, 2019 at 3:59:59 PM EST

APPLY HERE for Summer Opportunities through the Lang Center

Summer Opportunities through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program (nomination required)

Swarthmore’s Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) program was among the first in the country when the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation established this program in 1988 to address the underrepresentation of African Americans, Latinx, and Native American faculty in the arts and social sciences. The goal of the program is to prepare undergraduates to successfully pursue the PhD in select fields with a combination of guided independent research, faculty mentoring, workshops and other programming, and generous funding. Each spring, we select up to five new MMUFs for the program from sophomores and juniors nominated by the faculty.  Interested students are encouraged to visit the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship program webpage for more information.

Applications Open: Nominated students will receive an invitation from the Program Coordinator

Summer Opportunities through the Richard Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program (For Current Rubin Scholars only)

The Richard Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program will be offering 10-15 internships for summer 2019. Open only to current Rubin Scholars and now in its fifteenth year, the program's fundamental objective is to advance the academic, inter-personal, social, and professional success of Swarthmore College students who are underrepresented or first-generation students.

If you are currently a Rubin Scholar and are interested in being considered for one of the summer internships, you should apply for funding – you do not have to have secured an internship to apply. I suggest that you discuss this with your Campus Mentor and/or Academic Advisor as you consider your career interests and an appropriate placement for the internship.  I also suggest that you contact Career Services to request their assistance in your search for an internship, particularly with either alumni, friends of the College, or organizations interested in providing internships for Swarthmore students. Let me further suggest that you begin your search immediately.  The following are important dates for you to remember:

Selection priority will be given to those who meet the following deadlines and attending information session and scheduling appointments with Career services.  

February 8 – Summer Internship Applications will be open and online and begin meeting w/Dean Henry to explore internship ideas

March 15 - Priority Deadline for completed applications. Time to identify potential internship sites, and begin initial negotiations with organization/company

Applications Open: Nominated students will receive an invitation from the Program Coordinator

Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program (S3P) - Mentor Opportunities

S3P is a program designed to allow incoming Swarthmore students the opportunity to get familiar with our campus and prepare for their academic career. An important part of the S3P program is having our own Swarthmore students serve as student mentors.  NOTE: You do NOT have to be a previous S3P participant in order to apply for a student mentor position.

Successful applicants are individuals who:

  • provide thoughtful answers to the specific prompts in the application
  • have had their resumes guided by Career Services for content and format
  • have had enough experience* at Swarthmore to serve as a mentor for incoming students
  • demonstrated excellent judgement and the capacity to follow instructions responsibly in all aspects of the application process**

*Generally, individuals who are still in their first year are less competitive for Student Mentor positions, unless their references make a compelling case.

This program is able to offer the full summer stipend amount of $4,800 and starts with two weeks of training (weeks of June 24th and July 1st), four weeks of the program (July 6th - August 3rd), program wrap up (August 4th - 9th); plus ALL weekends.   As a student mentor, you would serve as a TA for one of the academic areas (math, writing, engineering - which you will select in your application) in addition to an RA role where you would be living with five other student mentors and sixteen incoming Swarthmore students during the entire summer program.

Applications Close: February 6th at 3:59.59 pm

Career Services and Additional Summer Funding Resources

Swarthmore Future Entrepreneur Program - Internships at local start up companies through a partnership with Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Students can apply to posted internships and interview with participating start-up companies. If selected, students will gain experience working for a start up while gaining insight into the entrepreneurial world. 

Summer Experiential Fellowship Grants - If you had a great time with your mentor during our extern program, why not ask them if you can come back this summer? If your mentor cannot pay you, you can apply for this grant. 

Career Services can help you with your Summer Internship Search.   Meet with a Career Counselor  or a Career Peer Advisor to explore options and develop a plan.  Check out our Internship Resources for searching for opportunities, writing applications and researching funding options.