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How to Obtain Summer Funding - Step by Step

If you're considering applying for funding for the summer, the steps below provide a good overview:


Learn about the different funding opportunities and the offices across campus that offer them by attending the Summer Opportunities Fair in October.


Attend information sessions hosted by the different offices to learn their process (and common missteps in the application process).

Talk with Swatties who participated previously in the funding experiences you intend to apply for.


Apply for funding, following the different offices’ procedures. Please note that for some offices, for example Academic Division, you do not apply for a specific grant, but rather your submit a general application and are later matched with a particular grant. 

Step 4

Keep everyone in the loop! Talk with Financial Aid Office to learn what your summer earnings requirement is; talk with your academic advisor about which type of summer experience might best complement your current major and/or future graduate school plans; talk with a Career Services team member about the type of experience that could best set you upon a career path.


Lang Center Summer Grants Handbook [Google doc]
Academic Division Program Resources 
Off-Campus Study Handbooks