Wellness Education Team

The Wellness Education Team is comprised of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor/ Educator, the Student Wellness Program Manager, and the Violence Prevention Educator/ Advocate. They are part of Student Health and Wellness Services in the Dean of Student's Division and work collaboratively with various campus constituents to provide comprehensive, community wide wellness initiatives and programs that help students build the skills necessary for healthy and safer living. Any Swarthmore College student or group can connect with a team member for an individual consultation.

Joshua Ellow, Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor and Educator
Phone: 610-957-6152

Located in Worth Health Center, in his role as AOD Counselor and Educator Josh works with individuals in a student-centered, trauma-informed way to support the needs of each person in relation to alcohol or other drug use. He is committed to providing guidance both one on one and across the college so that students can learn to develop a responsible approach to social challenges relating to alcohol and other drugs.  When drug or alcohol problems do arise, he will assist in the situation and make recommendations where needed, including in cases involving violations of the Student Code of Conduct and AOD health and development. He also oversees the Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART), a student organization. AOD programs include:

  • Pre-Party Safety Training
  • Off-Campus Study Pre-departure information sessions
  • Public Safety Collaboration
  • Lecture Series: AOD and Diversity; AOD and Athletic Performance
  • Training and support for RAs, fraternities, and other student groups


Noemí Fernández, Student Wellness Program Manager
Phone: 610-690-6845
Noemí’s role in Student Health and Wellness is to facilitate the holistic growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit of students and the community based in the eight dimensions of wellness and behavioral health care. This includes one on one consultations with students about their person wellness, advising student organizations, and creating robust recreational program. Her office is in the Matchbox Fitness and Wellness Center. Student Wellness initiatives/ workshops include:
  • Individual and community wellness assessments
  • Healthy eating and basic nutrition
  • Physical fitness and activities
  • Self-care
  • Stress management, reduction, and relief
  • Better sleep habits
  • Emotional and social wellbeing and support
Nina Harris, Violence Prevention Educator, Advocate, and Women's Resource Center Advisor
Phone: 610-328-5838

As the Violence Prevention Educator and Survivor Advocate, Nina is a trained sexual assault and domestic violence crisis counselor/advocate and a confidential campus resource. In her role as educator, her prevention/ awareness education and trainings focus on the following areas:

  • healthy/unhealthy relationships

  • sexual assault and intimate partner violence education and prevention

  • rape culture and consent

  • supporting a survivor

  • understanding and improving responses to interpersonal violence

Additionally, Nina is a confidential resource for individuals affected by sexual and/or relationship abuse and assault, stalking, and sexual misconduct and provides emotional support, information related to sexual misconduct prevention and response, navigating and accessing resources, and assistance/advocacy through the formal reporting and response process. She advocates for survivor-sensitive and trauma-informed policies and services across the College and advises complainants in the TIX complaint and adjudication process. Her office is located in Worth Health Center.