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Possible COVID-19 Case

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Family, 

Earlier today, we learned that a family member of an employee is assumed to have COVID-19; both individuals are self-quarantining upon the recommendation of their doctor. Due to the nature of their symptoms, the individual was not offered or provided a test for COVID-19. Earlier this week, after exhibiting mild symptoms, the individual tested negative for a number of other possible viruses, such as the flu, which led their doctor to assume a COVID-19 diagnosis.

We share this information with you in the interest of transparency and providing the campus community with as much information on this ongoing situation as possible, and we will continue to provide you with regular updates. We also want to be mindful of how rapidly this situation continues to develop. Given that we anticipate the number of suspected cases of COVID-19 to increase on campus, moving forward, we may not communicate each time a suspected case is identified. But our regular communications will provide as thorough an update as possible.

If you or someone you are in contact with exhibits cold or flu-like symptoms, you should contact your health care provider immediately to seek further guidance. Employees with such symptoms must not come to work. For more information on Swarthmore College’s response to COVID-19, please visit

If any member of the community, after consultation with their health care provider, understands that they are suspected of having COVID-19, please contact the Office of Public Safety 24/7 at 610-328-8333 so that the College is aware of the situation and can respond appropriately.


Members of Swarthmore College’s COVID-19 Planning Group

Casey Anderson, Interim Director, Worth Health and Wellness Center
Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mike Hill, Director, Public Safety
Andy Hirsch, Vice President for Communications
Sharmaine LaMar, General Counsel
Paula MacDonald, Associate Director, Organizational Development and Workplace Relations
Patricia Martin, Director of Off-Campus Study
Ed Rowe, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College
Valerie Smith, President
Jim Terhune, Vice President and Dean of Students
Sarah Willie-LeBreton, Provost and Dean of the Faculty