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Message to Study Abroad Families

To Parents/Guardians of students who are currently abroad:
We hope that your student is having a good semester abroad.
Because the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is a concern in some countries and represents possible travel restrictions, we sent the following information to the students who are currently abroad. The information below represents best travel practices at all times, and we hope that you will help us to encourage students to follow them.
Please note that travel to countries with a Level 4 travel advisory (i.e., China) is against College travel policy and would require special permission to make use of College funded travel insurance. 

  1. When planning travel to another country, review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Worth Health Organization (WHO) and US State Department Travel Advisories for health alerts and policies that pertain to COVID-19 and any other health, safety or security issues. (includes an Emergency Alert: Novel Coronavirus)
  2. US citizens should register their travel with the State Department STEP program, and citizens of other countries should check to see if their country offers a similar service. You can also register to receive travel advisories and local information directly from a US Embassy in another country.
  3. Remember to carry your insurance card with you. This is either CISI or other insurance provided by your program or other required national insurance plan.
  4. When planning travel be alert to country immigration policies as they relate to both your travel country of origin but also as they relate to countries you transit through.
  5. Be aware of how your host country views travel to and return from other countries.
  6.  Read local media from countries you will travel to, to understand local perspectives on COVID-19 and any other health, safety, or security concerns.
  7. Always make sure that your own immunizations or other recommendations for travel to other countries are up to date. Plan ahead if you are traveling with medications. In addition to making sure that they are legal in the country you are going to, make sure you have an extra two-week supply (in the original packaging) in case you cannot return on the planned date.
  8. Make sure you have sufficient access to funds should you not be able to return home as soon as planned.
  9. Make sure that you have a plan for communicating back home while traveling and always share your travel plans with a relative or friend.
  10. Review the State Department’s information for students abroad. This includes important information about downloading the State Department app to receive safety and security messaging.

Please be in touch should you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
 Pat Martin
Director for Off-Campus Study