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Information for Students Living on Campus Spring 2021

All Swarthmore students have access to a private Student Health Portal, accessible through MySwarthmore. On the portal, you are able to access and complete the required online forms prior to your arrival to campus. Additionally, your medical information, materials specific to any health center visit, and the ability to send secure messages to the Student Health and Wellness staff can be done through your portal. 

You will also see the Symptoms Tracker, a simple questionnaire you are required to complete daily starting January 22nd and everyday you remain on campus. This Symptoms Tracker will help to identify your risk for COVID-19 and to communicate with the Health and Wellness staff regarding your health status. To be eligible to move in your dorm and remain on campus, you are required to complete the Symptoms Tracker EVERY DAY by 1 p.m. EST starting January 22nd to ensure the safety of our community. 

To summarize, in the two weeks leading up to your move in day at Swarthmore you are required to complete the following steps:

  1. Review and sign the Privacy/FERPA document located on the Student Health Portal
  2. Complete the Communication Preference Form located on the Student Health Portal; Students are required to “opt in” for Medicat text and email alerts in order to complete the daily symptom check. 
  3. Complete the Symptoms Tracker monitoring questionnaire daily by 1 p.m. EST starting January 22nd and continue to do so for the entire duration on campus. 

Please access your Student Health portal through MySwarthmore located on the Swarthmore Dashboard using your Swarthmore username and password. 

Additional steps you can take to stay healthy on campus and in the community include: 

  • Wearing your mask at all times outside of your room
  • Avoid close contact with other people (being within 6 feet of another person)
  • Wash hands often
  • Commit to the Garnet pledge
  • Isolate yourself and contact Student Health and Wellness immediately if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Review all educational material sent to you from Swarthmore College and if you have questions, email